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in the afternoon. what you will hear is a combination of alarm and disbelief as discovery workers learn that there was a gunman in their building, a gunman with explosives rigged to him in their lobby. >> montgomery county 911 what is the emergency. >> there is a man with a gun. >> on discovery place? >> yes, he's got people on the floor. >> there's a shooter in my work building at 1 discovery place, there's a gunman. >> there's somebody -- was someone shot? >> i didn't see. when i walked by him he said nobody move and he shot in the air and i ran. >> what's the emergency? >> we have a suspect. it looks like he has an ied. he looks like he's setting an explosive device in the lobby, you need a sniper. >> i was standing outside about
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to go in the lobby. somebody said don't go in there there's somebody with a gun. i could only see the gun and i left. >> it looks like a bomb. i don't know. >> and when you say it looks like a bomb, what is coming out of it? >> there's nothing coming out of it. it looks like tubes, one on his back, a yellow one, a red one. and. >> a yellow backpack and a red backpack. >> it's a yellow backpack strapped around him. it looks like a harness, it has two yellow bottles, and a, and a red one, ma'am. >> reporter: montgomery county police have been credited for bringing the standoff to an end. after he was shot to death, all three of his hostages escaped unharm. there is surveillance video that allowed police to monitor lee's actions inside that build. they have not been released. disturbing new details in a
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quadruple murder. the horrific crime scene is hard to forget, two women and two children found shot in a home. we know more about the suspects and the victims. we have more on tonight's top story. >> reporter: well, brian, at least one of the suspects, tkeisha gilmer told detectives that that house was being used to stash large amounts of marijuana to be sold by gilmer and her co-defendant darryl bellard. now the state's attorney office is revealing how bellard was related to the children he is charged with murdering. neither darryl bellard nor tkeisha gilmer spoke during the hearing but both had plenty to say to police on the day the murders. a detective testified bellard was at the home when police arrived to find the bodies of 38-year-old dawn brooks, 41-year-old mwasiti sikyala and brook's two children, a 3 and 4-year-old. all four had been
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shot to death. corporate michael delaney questioned gilmer. he said gilmer told police she and bellard drove from texas to sell marijuana in maryland and stashed it in the house. when they returned, dawn brooks told them someone had come and taken the drugs from the home. the detective says gilmer told him bellard was enraged and searched for the drugs from the debris filled home. they got two guns, came back in, and according to gilmer, bellard shot all four. her lawyer argued the confession had been coerced, saying gilmer was mentally ill. the judge sided with the prosecution. >> the judge determined there's probable cause to allow us to move forward with the case and to hold the defendants, and we thought that was the right ruling for sure. >> reporter: detectives also found drug money stashed at the laurel home of bellard's brother, wayland brother's wife bridget is dawn brooks' sister. so he's accused of murdering his
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brother's niece and nephew. it remains unclear whether the state's attorney will seek the death penalty in this case. new law requires dna connected to the crime or videotape of the crime being committed or a videotape confession for this to be a capital murder case. there is an equipment malfunction and it leaves the question as to how much of gilmer's confession was actually recorded. dc's top mayoral candates went head to head today in a debate. adrian fenty and vincent gray faced off this morning. who would bring the strongest leadership to 9 office. >> reporter: the candidates were asked 16 questions and given a minute to respond. they were allowed to ask each other a question. the answer that stood out had to
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do with crime fighting strategies. ethics in government and who was willing to admit mistakes. >> i don't agree those have been struck down by the courts and they are not my crime fighting strategy. i support them wholeheartedly because they are chief lynnear's strategy. i am the chief manager of 9 district of columbia. its he my job to appoint people who are subject experts. and what the chief has done or any of other other strategies is to reduce crime more dramatically than any other jurisdiction in the country report vincent grey was given 30 seconds to respond. here's portion of what he said. >> well, i find it amazing that the chief executive takes credit for those things that have gone well and places the blame on those who work for him. the reality is whatever crime
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fighting strategies are exercised in the disdirect of columbia are the responsibility of the mayor. i will take responsibility for those things that happen in the district. >> reporter: mayor fenty called vincent gray a decent person. the two shook hands and embraced at the end of the debate. the biggest issue was pashths and contracts and whether they were illegal, ethical, or just a backroom deal given to the mayor's friends. >> a fight all the way to the end here. our coverage continues on head to our website to watch the debate in its entirety. we're giving you a chance to post your thoughts and comments. everything you need to follow this heated race is a click away. hurricane earl now heading toward new england. made for a tense overnight, high winds, heavy rain pounded the outer banks. it's a category 1 storm as it
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sheerd the coast line. tarheel state was lucky, didn't see much damage. clouds, cooler temperatures, the only effects along the maryland coast, earl's presence more obvious. will thomas is live in ocean city with what the conditions are. >> reporter: high tide today was about 4:00 and with storms surge we actually had ocean water right up against the storm wall that runs up and down the board walk here in ocean city. the most sustained winds dying down now but winds are kicking up. but you'll notice the sun is starting to peek out and that has tourists coming out of their rooms enjoying the rest of the day. it's become the number one tourist attraction on the beach. >> i don't get out to the beach much, when i get a chance to see this, that's why i'm here. >> reporter: all day friday the thunderous surf captivated visitors, day to make the best
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of the one-day beach washout. >> we're expecting this to be worse and delighted it's not so bad. >> excitement. i'm hoping it will clear up so i can set my chair up later or tomorrow morning. >> reporter: ocean city life guards are still on the job as hurricane earl sent storm surge up to the protective wall. >> we don't want anybody walking on the sand and then out of nowhere we have a big set comes through and it pulls them out. >> off the beach. turn around and go! >> reporter: it wasn't easy in some cases to get cooperation. there's a natural curiosity. >> right now it's not favorable conditions. they tried to go out but right now the water is fooling everybody. . >> reporter: beaches stayed open but access to the water is restricted for a second day. but a combination of high tide and surge kept tourists off the sand for hours friday as a precaution. >> the problem is going to be the rough surf and the rip
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currents. so we're going to be on heightened alert saturday and sunday with the conditions of the water and we'll make a decision on a day by day, hour by hour basis, as to what's safe and not safe for people to do. >> reporter: so once again, rip tides the big concern as we enter into the weekend. as you can see where i'm standing on the sand, no whistles from the life guards are blowing because it's okay. the water has receded. you can see life guards like chris perched on the wall. if you can going to go into the water, pick a spot near a life guard stand so you have someone watching you. these rip tides even on a normal day can be tricky and pull you right ow. here's good news as well. the weather saturday and sunday supposed to be glorious, which is going to translate, brian, into big business for ocean city and boy, they could use it. >> and will, i wonder about the rip currents even over the weekend. the weather will be beautiful and is that a false sense of
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security, i'm not sure if you know the answer or not, but around labor day the life guards stretch out and they become every other block so that could be an an issue for people as well. >> yeah, i think emergency services here is preparing for this last big push. they expect 250,000 people over the weekend, saturday, sunday, monday. so we do expect to see some extra life guards staffing the beaches, especially after hurricane earl, making these waters even more tricky. we're getting guys going up and down on atvs, in the towers, and patrolling the board walk. chris the life guard off camera saying look, if you're going to swim, especially this weekend, do it near a life guard to be extra careful. >> you know the surf rats are dying to get out there. thank you. you saw what it did here in our area. what's the lathest on hurricane earl right now and where will it strike next? answers from gary mcgrady down in the fox 5 weather center.
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where is earl? >> earl is pulling away and earl is speeding up to and it is continuing to move a little bit farther off to the east and a little bit more off to the northeast. show it to you on satellite picture here. it is weakening ever so slightly since the last update. the winds are up around 80 miles per hour. . category 1. you can see we have clouds on top of us but earl quickly moving on off to the northeast here. movement is to the northeast at 22 miles per hour. winds still at 80 miles per hour. the pressure is coming up just a little bit. so basically that means at least it's trying to spill, trying to weaken a little bit. these winds will come down a bit as well. still a lot of rain up to the northeast. it will just skim through the cape and nantucket and there it is off to the east of us. that is a little further east than what was the forecast track last night so that's been good
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for us and it's kept all the real heavy winds off-shore. there's still a possibility of some hurricane-forest gusts up around nantucket, and then it moves to nova scotia. will it affect us for the weekend? what's the weekend forecast? we'll talk about that coming up. our coverage of hurricane earl is far from over. a live report from cape cod, massachusetts, where families there are bracing for earl's wind and rain, plus also a closer look at earl's impact on the weekend forecast. as you can check out my you can check out all the latest there. what's up for big ben? he could be back on the sooner sooner than indicated. it is a clear sign that something is long with the local economy. people standing in line for hours just waiting for some help
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with their utility bills. that story, next. . this is john hanrahan in glenmont where metrorail is going to shut down this entire part of the red line for the entire labor day holiday. we'll have details as our news cast continues. t
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. times are tough and many struggling families are looking for help wherever they can find it. thousands lined up for the chance to get some assistance
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with their electric, phone, gas, and water bills. we have that story from the dc convention center. >> reporter: the number of people needing assistance with their utilities here in the district this year is really hard to believe. just take a look for yourself. that is the front of the convention center. you can see the line stretches down this block and then just about as far as you can see this way. talk to anyone in this line, and they'll tell you recently life hasn't been so great. >> it's sad. it's sad. you have to stand out here in a long line. >> reporter: sandra pierre is a single mother and is unemployed. her electricity bill is just too much for her to handle. >> it's sky high now, you know. you get ahead and then you fall behind, you know. every time you turn around, bills are higher and higher. >> reporter: a similar story for geraldine williams who lost her job in february and hasn't been able to find another. >> times has been tough.
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jobs are tough. trying to get a place is tough. >> reporter: the thousands of people who lined up today were brought in to this huge room and given a number. >> 2351 to 2400. >> reporter: when their number was called they walked upstairs to sit down with someone to talk about exactly what help they needed. >> if your income is sufficiently low, then you qualify. and then the benefits depends on income and size of family. >> reporter: who pays for this help? the utility companies do pitch in and some of the money comes from the federal government. for many of these folks, it's not one bill they are behind on, but several. >> my water is in the hundreds. my gas is about 200, and my electric about 300. >> particularly gas and electric and utilities, and food is going up. >> reporter: for sandra pierre luck hasn't been on her side but
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she hopes maybe today a little help will get her back on track. >> we need the help. >> reporter: many of the folks waited in line for hours just to see a representative and hand over their paperwork but they won't find out today if they actually got the assistance they need. that will come in the mail later. matt ackland, fox5 news. first north carolina, now earl is heading for new england. people up and down the coast are gearing up for the big storm. jennifer davis is live in cape cod, massachusetts, tonight. it looks a little windy. what's it like where you are? >> reporter: hi, there. you know, it's quite lovely, i have to say, right now. there is a breeze, not too strong. it's not raining yet. but we do believe earl is on his way. there is a lot of big questions here. those hurricane-force winds did not actually come on land in outer banks. are they going to do it here? that's the big question. it's unclear. this storm could skirt the coast and go past us or a small deviation could bring it on
5:19 pm
land. they're telling folks be careful and alert. if it comes up this way it could be a category 1. hard to tell at this point. >> what about evacuation at this point? is that, you know, something they're considering, have any but ordered already? >> reporter: no. not really. there is a quaint, beautiful town about 10 miles down the road called chatham. we spent time there today. a lot of tourists here wandering through the shops and cafes. there is a hardware store in the town. folks with stocking up on supplies. they've nearly run out of battery as and lanterns and those sorts of things. there's not a great concern here. it's been a long time since they've seen a big hurricane here but they saw earl weakening all day so that is providing relief. >> we have people boarding up shops with signs saying earl go home. people seem to be enjoying themselves right now. are they giving advice to the tourists who may come into town for the holiday weekend or who are already in town?
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>> reporter: some people say a number of tours did leave. there are some hotels here, some places say they had a lot ever cancellations. a lot of people are sticking around. stock up on supplies, be careful, stay in your house, but the shop owners, even the ones that put up the boards saying look, our hope is at 9:00 tomorrow morning we can come in and take the boards down and we'll be open for business. so they're hoping that this storm moves through quickly like it has done elsewhere than this will not be a washout of a holiday weekend. >> fingers crossed for the folks upjennifer davis thanks for the update tonight. going to send it downstairs to the weather center to look at the forecast and see where this thing is going to wind up. >> i think the big deal here is thank goodness earl has stayed just far enough off to the oos that it hasn't been -- east that it hasn't been a big problem. flooding along the beach areas, rough surf, but again, most of that high wind, the real damaging wind has stayed
5:21 pm
off-shore and i think that's going to be consistent with earl over the next 24 hours as he continues to move to the northeast. here is what it looks like on radar picture for us. the rain that we had came right up to the bay and now it's since pulling off to the east along with earl. there are more showers, couple of thunderstorms back out to the west and that is along a cold front that is going to bring us much nicer conditions for the weekend. your complete weekend forecast, your holiday weekend frost, coming up. >> the balloon boy saga that gripped the country, tonight the family is getting called out tonight. don't miss this one in 20 minutes. the fans voted, the results are in. fairfax and wt winston square off tonight. we take a look at the matchup when we return. 
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. a break for big ben, nfl commissioner goodell agreed to
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slash his suspension from six games to four. he was suspended in april for violating the league's conduct policy. he was accused of sectsually assaulting that georgia college student in a bar. weighs not charged with the crime. goodell believes he has lived up to his promise to stay out of trouble. it's time for the high school game of the week. >> the woodson cavaliers with 48% of the vote. we have a preview of the big game. >> reporter: good evening from fairfax high school tonight it's the season opener for fair fox and wt woodson. we have a kick-off at 7:30. since 2004, this matchup has been lopsided with woodson dominating the past seven seasons but the wins don't come easy. the home team fairfax has been on the up and up for the past calm of seasons. from 6-5 last year with a trip to the playoffs. they didn't make it past the first round but getting there
5:26 pm
was a huge boost for the rebels. simons has been at fairfax starting in 2004, the team has gone 0-7 against woodson. it's a big game, and a big rivalry. >> a lot of people are pumped about this game. always a good game to come out to because everyone, you know, huge rivalry. >> crosstown rivals. we've been working all summer and offseason and we can't wait to show people what we've got. >> vote for it so we could get the game of the week. it's cool that we have fox coverage and everything. >> we're on a seven-year drought with woodson and the coach over there does a great job. i think if we could get a win, i think the emotional uplift would be huge leading into the season. >> reporter: they're confident they can put together a whole
5:27 pm
game against woodson. we'll have highlights and postgame reaction coming up at 10:00. we'll look at the fairfax cheer leading squad. they are reigning state champions. major delays for metro if you're planning to ride the rails this weekend. five stations will be closed. we'll going to be live with what you need to know to navigate the changes. >> reporter: unemployment is issue in the d.c. mayor's race, coming up, how the candidates weigh in. 
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. pack your patience if riding metro. five red line stations will be closed for the entire labor day weekend. that shutdown begins in 4.5 hours. john hanrahan live at the glenmont stations which is one
5:31 pm
of the stations closed for repairs. >> reporter: this part of the red line, the northeast corner from glenmont to takoma stations, is going to be closed down for rail service between a few hours from now and tuesday morning rush hour. the red line is the busiest of metro's five rail lines. over the years, needed maintenance work, on and around the rails, has accumulated, so this holiday weekend metro managers have decided to completely stop rail service, at the five stations on the northeast corner of the red line for this heavy duty maintenance. >> this time we're doing track work, doing tie work, communication work, platform work, we're doing system replacement of some of our standing pipes, so we are getting a lot of maintenance work. >> reporter: 750 metro maintenance and contract workers will be swarming into the rehabilitation project working
5:32 pm
two, 12-hour shifts, all three days of the holiday weekend. by ceasing rail service at the five stations and concentrating the work in a three-day period, metro managers believe they can shave $1 million off the entire project cost. scores of free metro buses will run among the five affected stations connecting them to the totten station. trips through the bus bridge area will take 40 minutes longer than usual. some passengers are unhappy over that. >> going to have to call into work i'll be running late. need to i guess -- >> you are take the bus bridge. >> i have no choice, so yeah, pretty much. >> i know i'm working this weekend, all three days, and it's going to be inconvenient for me because i don't have a car. i'm sure a lot of metro riders are in the same boat. >> what's your plan? are you going to take the bus bridge. >> i'm going to run the zip car
5:33 pm
and just take the shuttles back. >> reporter: again, this part of the red line, glenmont through takoma, is going to be shut down for rail service only starting at 10:00 tonight. metro managers begged us to remind people that the rest of the red line and the rest of the metro system will be operating with normal weekend service. >> at least it's good to know that. of all the weekends they could have chosen to do this work, why this particular weekend? this holiday weekend? >> reporter: they choose holiday weekends because as it turns out, fewer people ride metro on holiday weekends than regular weekends. while, yes, we have tourists in town and they go downtown and our areas for touristy type things, a lot of us go away for holiday weekends and overall ridership is sharply lower on labor day weekend than any other
5:34 pm
weekend in saturday september. fenty and gray went at it on a televised debate height rear on fox 5 this morning -- right here on fox 5 this morning. we have the latest on the campaign trial. >> reporter: stylistically they are opposite. the mayor drives himself around town. the challenger, walking with the swagger of the candidate riding high in the polls. >> welcome to this special edition of fox 5 news. >> reporter: both came out swinging in the morning debate. >> the council put in in the budget for this year $4.6 million for adult job training. this administration now over 11 months into the fiscal year with less than a month to go spent not one dollar of that. >> reporter: but the mayor says that's mainly wrong. >> just over the past month we have gotten out $3 million in grants to organizations that
5:35 pm
work with people who need job training. >> reporter: getting a job when you're unemployed is hard enough. it's more challenging if you're an ex-offender. mayor fenty dropped by the m.l.k. library for a graduation ceremony. 80% of the grads are ex-offenders. they have mixed views on who they want for mayor. >> fenty? >> why. >> because i think he's funding this program. he's looking out for the ex-offenders. >> mr. gray, we need new blood, new direction. but i think mr. fenty did an outstanding job when he was in there. >> reporter: not outstanding enough to get the support of ward 3 council member mary chay who has come out support for gray. >> first of all, it shows i have citywide support. mary chay is a highly respected council member. >> reporter: gray now confident
5:36 pm
enough with enough cash on hand to roll out aggressive new t.v. campaign ad. >> setting out community voices, we're sorry, mayor fenty, some things you can't forgive. >> the dc primary is on september 14th. early voting started monday at the board of elections. voters can go to four new locations starting tomorrow early voting is underway in maryland for the first time ever. the polls opened today and will stay open through the 9th. they had be closed on sunday and then reopen on monday. the rumor mill is working in overdrive. tonight is there really a deal in the works for american idol's next judge? details coming up in about 15 minutes. and parents, this one is for you: could this be the trick to keeping your kids from acting out? one misbehaving student was
5:37 pm
forced to pay his penance like this. the story behind the sign, next. 
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion pendent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans.
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my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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. remember the balloon boy hoax when parents claimed their 6-year-old floated away in the hot air balloon. now their landlord claims they moved across country and left him with a mess. the lan lard said they left belongings everywhere. the family went to florida. he registered with authorities there this morning. a florida family is taking an unusual step to teaching a 13-year-old a lesson. this is freddy mcleod's punishment for fighting. it says "i don't know how to behave in school. if i continue, i will end up working hard for little money." his mom and uncle came up with
5:41 pm
the idea. >> whatever it takes to make him behave, i'm willing to do it. i told him, it's an embarrassment to me to have the school call me over and over and over again when i'm trying my best to raise him as a good little boy. >> let him learn a lesson. this is what happens when you don't want to do right. >> a big lesson not to get in trouble in school. >> freddie's mom says she understands the punishment is embarrassing but she wants him to understand how she feels when she gets that phone call from school. >> do they have those in 4-year-old sizes? >> you know what, i have actually thought about that, not for the 4-year-old, but for the older one. never ended up doing it, but, it's good. >> i'll let you know if they have it at 14. i'll be the first one to use it. >> it could have been worse, hurricane earl skirted the eastern shore today and didn't deliver much more than wind and rain. gary is on deck with your full forecast next. plus, who is looking to score a
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. calling or bargain shoppers, getting consumers to spend their money is about getting creative. the best deals are on line. we have more. >> reporter: wondering where your friends and co-workers are just around lunchtime? they could be shopping on line. browsing for good deals on high-end products. here's how it works. certain sites offer merchandise at reduced prices which they acquire by getting low-selling or overstocked inventory from luxury retailers. >> every day at 11:00 boutiques launch. our members find out about these boutiques through an e-mail. they go in, and it lasts 48 hours.
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it's really the best from the best brands. i'll available for 70% off. you can go to for an exclusive access. >> reporter: you have to act face. guiltman sales are over within 36 hours. >> i think it's a good fit for the way guys shop. they're more target focused. it's shopping as a competitive sport. . >> i think everybody right now is focused on the weekend now that earl glanced us. they want to know what it's going to be like on the beach. >> i think will thomas earlier said it's going to be glorious weekend. i think that's a good adjective. there will be some 40s out there by sunday morning. now, not here in the city, and probably not in our surrounding neighborhoods, but as you start
5:48 pm
getting back out to the west in towards the shenandoah valley. here in our neighborhoods we will be in the 50s on sunday morning and very dry for the weekend. lots of sunshine, breezy for tomorrow. let's talk about this evening. 86 degrees at 7:00. temperatures today have been right up into the upper 80s and the lower 90s. at 9:00 we'll still be warm with some clouds. temperature of about 80 degrees. and by 11:00, certainly by midnight, i think the skies will begin to go part hi cloudy and we -- partly cloudy and we have wet weather back out to the west. talk about that here in a second. winds this evening about 5 to 10 miles an hour. here is hurricane earl. maximum sustained winds down to 80 miles per hour. still a category 1, moving to the northeast now, 22 miles per hour. so beginning to accelerate and it looks like the track or the center of earl will be down to
5:49 pm
tropical storm strength by tomorrow morning just off of the cape, just off of nantucket. and i still think they'll have at least some wind gusts up over 40 miles per hour. very rough surf up there. but again, earl is weakening, and it's moving off to the northeast and he'll get out of here and that will help things quite a bit. again, he was just a little bit farther off-shore today than what the forecast called for, only about 50 miles. that's good kind of error in the forecast, right, when it goes outs to sea farther than getting closer to land. so the highest package of winds, the hurricane force winds mostly stayed off-shore. there were a few gusts up and down the east coast right at hurricane force and a little bit over. we also have these showers and thunderstorms back out to the west of us. there's the cold front coming on through. it's going to make it so nice around here for the weekend. this will come across and it looks like most of that will
5:50 pm
fall apart as it comes on over the mountains, okay? there could be a sprinkle or two this evening but that is just about it. here is futurecast, notice the hurricane moving up to the northeast and rapidly weakening. most of the package of really high winds will stay off-shore so that's going to be good for the cape and new england and by tomorrow at 6:00, cooler, drier air is coming on in. we'll have a cloud or two late tomorrow afternoon and the winds will be around 10 to 20 miles per hour with an occasional gust higher than that. but it looks real, real nice. by sunday morning, we're not seeing any clouds or rain, we're not seeing anything. high pressure starts to build in. so this holiday weekend really is going to be very, very nice. here's tonight. the front is back to the west of us. the rain is to the west of us, too. the front will move on through, again, overnight tonight. that will allow the cooler and drier air to selts in around here -- settle in around here and we'll start off tomorrow with nothing but sunshine and
5:51 pm
later in the afternoon we'll have clouds building here and there. more cloudiness in the amp back out to the west. -- in the afternoon back out to the west. it will be cool and breezy with mostly sunny skies and you'll feel a touch of fall in the air by tomorrow night and certainly by sunday morning. forecast for tomorrow, certainly breezy. lots of sunshine to start with. temperatures tomorrow morning still 70. 76 at noon. and the high temperature tomorrow up around 80 degrees and some of us will stay in the upper 70s look at saturday morning, 57 in town. i think easily out in the western and northwestern suburbs there will be upper 40s for morning lows on sunday morning. labor day looks nice. lots of sunshine, 85, low humidity. and we start warming back up next week. will summer ever end? >> keeps on going and going. >> yes. >> american idol fans could soon have a new judge. not official yet but it looks
5:52 pm
like grammy winning singer jennifer lopez will take a seat. paperwork is expected to be filed next week. you might remember simon, ellen, and cara all out. jennifer will join jackson, and jackson only has one year left on his contract. time now for the fox five game of the week. go back to lindsay murphy life at fairfax. >> reporter: tonight's fairfax and wt woodson will each play in their first game of the season and neither teams wants to start out 0-1. if you look at history, woodson has won each of the last seven games. we're here to talk about championship cheer leading and the fairfax high school varsity cheer leading squad knows something about being a champion. they won the state title, second state title in the 75 year history of the school.
5:53 pm
eight seniors that lead the way on this upper class heavy team as they try to repeat at state champions. their real practice gets underway tonight when fairfax comes out for their first game. and their future looks bright. >> great season. we have a large training crew, graduated six kids, so most everybody is back. season is awesome. went into districts. did really, really well. we did a phenomenal job at state and walked away champions. >> reporter: you can catch our game of the week highlights coming up tonight at 10:40. cookoff is still an hour and a half away. that's why the fields mind are a little bit empty. coming up in sports at 6:20, nigel morgan has to pay the piper for his antics on friday night. >> you can see the highlights tonight on fox 5 news at 10. hurricane earl forces a maryland couple into panic mode.
5:54 pm
>> they called our house on 8:00 on the morning on wednesday there was a message saying it was evacuated, it was mandatory, how we had to get out. >> how a year's worth of wedding planning almost got swept away. primary day nears, we have the play by play as the gloves come off. and it looks like something you would see at a hockey match. a fight in the stands at the u.s. open. we'll tell you what set this whole thing off at six. 
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
. if you're a beatles fan you may remember rumors about paul mccartney being dead. there is a brand new documentary playing at a beatles festival at the national harbor this weekend that backs up the rumor. george harrison even admitted to the coverup on audiotapes sentd to the director -- sent
5:58 pm
director. >> they'll say these hundreds of clues in the albums, even in the songs played backwards, they say it's a mere coincidence and i can assure you it's impossible that hundreds of clues are a mere coincidence. either the beatles were in on a massive inside joke for five years or paul mccartney really is dead. >> gilbert says mccartney did die in a car accident in 1966 and the british government covered it up for fear an a rash of suicides worldwide. you can see the rest of the interview on woigs. >> thanks >> thanks for joining us at fox at 5. you know my record. you've seen the differences in how the debate goes, but most
5:59 pm
importantly, residents, you see the difference in the city. at your mayor, i will bring collaboration, integrity, and sound management back to the mayor's office. >> the two leading candidates in dc's mayoral race come to fox 5 to face off in a live debate with the democratic primary days away. fenty and gray went after it for over an hour. arguing over ethics, crime fighting strategies, as well as who would bring the strongest leadership to the wilson building. paul wagner was one of the questioners on our panel and returns live with a recap. >> reporter: the candidates were each asked 16 questions and given a minute to respond. they were also allowed to ask each other a question. fox 5 morning news anchor steve chenevey monitored the debate. we questioned the mayor and the council chair. fenty and gray had already tackled questions on schools, crime, and medical care, when

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